Monthly Running Challenges

 Run it, Jog it, or Walk it.. Just keep moving. EVERY RACE HELPS - FIGHT CANCER or Grant a WISH

Time to set your Daily, Monthly, and Annual Goals

-How many miles do you want to try and run each month?

-How many miles do you want to hit a year?

-What are your running, walking, and health goals?

January 2019

New Year New You


Share photos of running in nature, (flowers, plants, fields)




Pick a place you have always wanted to run: beach, waterfall, river, lake, building, landmark, or attraction, and run there.  Post a picture of your 

( has some great ideas)

July 2018

Destination Run

Crossing the Bridge

Fall Photo Run- Post 3 fall pictures (nature photos) and 4 sunrise pictures

October 2019

Fall 3 times Rise 4


Pick a favorite place to eat and run there with a friend.   Sometimes the best meal is right after you finish a run.

February 2019

Grub Run

Fresh Pizza

On your runs find five of the item below, and share your pictures:

1- Water (ie. lake, River, Pond, Waterfall)

2- Beautiful Building or structure 

3- Wildlife (ie. Birds, deer, seals, elephant)..  be smart and safe with this challenge. 

4- Mountains 

5- Sunrise or Sunset 

6- Beach

7- A Barn 

8- Cemetery

9- Landmark

10- Scenic Trail



Scavenger Hunt Map

Find a trail run that you can share with of RWR family (map it, share photos, show distance, and let us know if there are any good restaurants near by).

August 2018

Show and Trail


Goal Challenge 1- Run to lift other, run to increase joy, run in locations you love.


Goal Challenge 2 - for $35 you also get a plush blanket with your run.  Now that you have a new blanket, Donate your old one to a local homeless shelter.

When: November

Details:  There is so much to be thankful for 

November 2018

Blankets Giving

Blanket Set

Challenge 5 friends, run 5k 5 times.

MARCH 2019

5 for 5 x 5


Pick an

- Fastest Mile, 5k, 10k…

- Run as far as you can.

- Run until people say "seriously, you ran all the way to...?" 

- or just pick a long destination to run to


Max Out

Marathon Runners

Tell people more about the classes you offer. Add images, text and links, 

or connect data from your collection 

to display dynamic content.

September 2018

Run 4 One


1-Take a picture of a run, tag a disease you want to fight, and we will donate to that charity. (see list of charities we support)


2-Pick a gift from the giving tree. Your registration cost is the amount of the gift.  The miles you need to run for the month should also 


The Giving Tree Race

Baby Admiring a Christmas Tree

Virtually Anywhere Monthly Challenge